Burford Corp – Practical Solutions through Innovative Technologies. That’s our promise and that’s what we live by in Maysville, Oklahoma. Our promise to continue to provide you with quality custom products coupled with individual attention, it’s what we do.

When we introduced our SMART Seeder, we guaranteed a minimum savings of 20%, we haven’t come close to missing that guarantee! Is that knowing what your doing or what? Not only did we give great savings but the quality of topping application was so much better. With the price of Sesame Seed, wow did that come at the right time!

We have proven that we could design and build a Tape Closure System that is superior to what is available. We can run all speeds, prints date or plant coding, provide not only a tight dependable closure but a tamper evident one as well, and finally it is built to Burford-Tough Standards. It is the most advanced tape closure machine on the market. Call or email us for brochures and a video.

Everyone knows we have a bun pan shaker for Hamburger buns and it does great on hamburger buns, and just marginal on Coneys, but now … We have the Orbital Shaker, it will shake your coneys like you can’t believe.

We have introduced the Smart Servo Tyer that has 50 plus years of design experience putting a twist tie closure on a package, all rolled into the newest of our machines that will do about anything except call home. We like to call it our first donation to the Green Plan as its servo motors use less energy and it actually uses less twist material. As an added feature we can also add an option called the Tagger to insert a tag under the twist tie for coding or special promotion.

We now have a Sealer to seal and trim all types of different packages from the new thins that seem to have been a huge hit, to various food service items. It uses no sealing belts. Call and get yours on order today!
We are also members of AIB, ATBI, ASB, ABA, BEMA, IBA, MWATBI, and TATA. We are either on the board or have been on the board of most of the trade associations in our industry. We also joined the Grain Foods Foundation, and hope all of our customers and fellow Allied’s will help support it. www.grainpower.org

Our conviction for being active and supporting the industry associations is very strong.
We do count our blessings at Burford. Our hearts go out to our military personnel and their families. They need our support and prayers at this time as well as our political administration.

In God We Trust!

Fred Springer
Fred Springer
President & CEO