The SPS 100 Wins ASB Innovation 2020 Award

sps_1000_wins_asb_innovation_award_2020The Burford® Smart Pattern Splitter utilizes low pressure water to provide split top bakery products. The model SPS 1000 is designed to produce a wide variety of patterns by “splitting” the tops of proofed dough on high speed automated lines.

This system has the ability to change from one programmed pattern to the next with simple variety selections and gun positioning adjustments. It can in certain cases eliminate the need for knife cuts which come with inherent safety risks. It also can increase production rates on what was previously a slow or even manual splitting process to achieve these types of designs.

This new model incorporates servo control of the reciprocating dual action splitter heads to provide unique patterns not previously achieved. It adds a great amount of flexibility to automated bakery lines which in turn allow marketing departments to be creative with their customers. All of this while keeping up with high speed rates and fitting into tight spaces on existing lines. It’s one thing to design a system for a Greenfield project, however it’s entirely different to tackle the challenge of creating a solution that can work in a variety of existing plants.

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