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With numerous patents, Burford is the most trusted resource for the baking industry.

Why Choose The Burford Excellence

We pride ourselves on the work we do. It shows in our products. It shows in our customer and support services. We listen carefully to your needs and design and customize the product to fit your requirements. And, our services don’t end with the delivery of your product. Our team of knowledgeable associates will assist you with on-site service and repair. Our team of factory trained and certified technicians will assist you with telephone support or on-site service, repair and training anywhere in the world and Our products are tested extensively and go through rigorous inspection and quality evaluations.


A guarantee of trust, pride, tradition.

Company History

When our family first settled the Oklahoma territory back in 1895, our “word” was a business guarantee.



From Bagging Machines to Spraying Machines.

Industry Leading Products

Since 1961, Burford Corporation has been creating some of the most high quality commercial bakery equipment in America.



From phone support to on-site service repairs.

Unrivaled Support

We offer a complete line of service options to meet your needs. From phone support to on-site service repairs, available to you 24/7.

It started a better way… Burford®… Still a better way.

Entry Level Tyers & Toppers

We offer the most extensive range of closure systems in the industry, from manual feeding to fully automated units with package recognition systems capable of 100 bags per minute. Our twist tyers are designed to work with virtually all types of baggers.


Bakery Toppers and Seeders

Designed especially for accurate application of seed and toppings, the Patented Burford Rotary System provides complete control and adjustability. We offer portable designs or conveyor mounted systems, and and automatic fill and recovering systems.


Bakery Sprayers

From high speed bread pan oilers to oven baking hand oilers, spraying product flavors or enhancements to spraying preservatives, from releasing wafers of waffles from baking plates to making it easier to press pizza dough balls.


Commercial Bag Sealers

Improving the Safety and Security of baked goods has never been this easy! The Tamper Evident Closure System (TEC-200) and Bag Tail Flattener (BF100) now can provide a 100% seal with a consistently flat bag tail.


Commercial Splitters

We offer a full range of splitters and spraying systems to meet your specific application or production requirements. You can choose from portable models to fixed installations, and from dedicated operation to a flexible approach that allows for changing the area and/or amount of coverage.

Commercial Shakers

Achieve consistent high quality and accurately placed Hamburger, Hot Dog, and Hoagie Buns with one machine. Positive dough correction is obtained easily with the adjustable 578 controller. Find out more…


Burford’s FEATURED PRODUCT of the Month

Burford Model 578 Orbital Bun Pan Shaker

Achieve consistent, high quality and accurately placed Hamburger, Hot Dog and Hoagie Buns with one machine. Positive dough correction is obtained easily with the adjustable 578 controller. The dual orbital pan shaker is shown to the left.

  • Simple positive adjustment
  • Labor savings, PLC controlled, AC drive
  • Optional conveyor with self centering pan guides
  • Positive dough placement
  • User friendly controls; shake speed, pan position, number of shakes, dough position
  • Easy pan type setup for all controls and Quick connect setup
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Burford is the ultimate provider of automated machinery!

The Burford Twist Tyers deliver the #1 consumer preferred closure at a lower cost per package for retail and small wholesale bakery!
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